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New encrypted Fortnite skins leaked – Female Cupid and Alien Traveler

A Fortnite dataminer has revealed a handful of encrypted cosmetics including an Alien Area 51 skin and a Female Love Ranger look,...

How to open Fortnite’s annoying chests at Loot Lake

One Fortnite player has found a unique way to open two floating chests at Loot Lake - and it doesn’t involve looting...

PlayStation Greece reveals new Celebration PS Plus Pack in Fortnite

A brand new PlayStation exclusive Fortnite cosmetic pack has been revealed by PlayStation Greece - and it looks pretty sweet.

How to complete Fortnite’s Team Spirit challenge without doing anything

Fortnite players have uncovered a number of different ways to progress the Cozy Campfire challenge as it appears to be hugely bugged.
image via epic games

Fortnite hacker hilariously caught and banned on-stream

A Fortnite hacker was hilariously banned mid-game after being reported and caught live on another player’s stream. As Fortnite...

What to expect from the Fortnite v10.30 patch – Map changes, ziplines, and more

The Fortnite v10.30 update has not yet been announced by Epic Games, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t already hinted at...

Two major Fortnite locations set to change as Rift Beacons activate

Two Rift Beacons have activated in Fortnite Battle Royale as players await the brand new v10.30 update - with major changes inbound...
Image: Epic Games

Fortnite Rift Beacon idea would be the best map change yet

One creative Fortnite fan has come with a hilarious idea for the upcoming map changes once the Rift Beacons at Paradise Palms...
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Fortnite community reacts to Combat Shotgun vaulting

The vaulting of Fortnite’s Combat Shotgun has split some of the game’s top community members - with plenty praising Epic Games for...
Epic Games

Game-breaking Fortnite movement glitch found in snow biomes

A Fortnite fan has uncovered a strange movement glitch in the snow biome that will leave players skating around with little control.