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Console Mouse and Keyboard Balancing Info Coming Later This Week

Information about the upcoming Keyboard and Mouse / Controller balancing information will be coming later this week.According to Community Manager Nathan Mooney, we'll hear...

Apple tvOS data found in Fortnite Battle Royale Files

StormLeaks has uncovered yet another possibly large announcement, this time by looking at the operating systems code for Fortnite. Upon looking, they seem to...

Patch v5.30 Releasing Thursday August 23

Fortnite have confirmed through their social medias that Patch v5.30 will be releasing Thursday, August 23 at 4AM ET (0800 GMT) across all platforms.

Gamescom-exclusive Fortnite spray leaked

Reliable leaker @StormLeaks has done it again, this time with a brand new Gamescom-exclusive spray for Fortnite.Gamescom begins tomorrow, August 21 until August 25. 

Monday, August 20th 2018 – Item Shop

The item shop for Monday, August 20th 2018 updated at 12am UTC is here. Full Shop:Featured Items:

Tomato-related event might be happening tomorrow at 6PM EST

According to reliable leaker @FNBRLeaks on twitter, a Tomato-related event is happening tomorrow at 6PM EST.This is supported as a brand new rift in...

New “ChiliPeppers” consumable found in Velocity LTM files

Recent searches in the files for the upcoming LTM "Velocity" have allowed data-miners to find a brand new "Chili Pepper" consumable item. We don't...

Fortnite Season 5 – Week 7 Challenges Leaked

Known Fortnite leaker StormLeaks has revealed the Week 7 Challenges. As always, take this with a pinch of salt.Free: Visit the center of...

“TBD” glider found in game files, known as “ModernMilitaryRed”

A brand new glider has been found in the game files, added during a recent hotfix for STW/BR. If equipped using data-mining methods, the...

Every Item Shop From August 15-18 Has Been Leaked

Every item shop from August 15 to August 18 has been leaked by MytxcLeaks, who has a good track record for leaks. However, Epic...