American telecommunications company AT&T has shared new marketing material via their official Instagram page that uses a strikingly similar style to Fortnite.

On May 6th, AT&T shared the following video to their Instagram story. Fortnite fans quickly noticed the resemblance and began to speculate that this is a leak of Fortnite’s upcoming 9th Season. Others seem to believe this is simply a marketing stunt, not a promotion which went live ahead of schedule.

The advertisement appears to have been taken down at the time of writing, which raises the question: is this the first Fortnite Season 9 leak?

Epic Games is no stranger to partnerships which grant exclusive cosmetic items, such as the Galaxy set awarded to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Tab S4 owners, or the Epic x Huawei Honor Guard skin.

Given the circumstances, it is possible that this is in fact our first look at an AT&T and Epic Games partnership. However, there small specifics in the design which point to the potential of a parody or marketing stunt; such as the fact that the character model used has yet to be seen in Fortnite.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Epic Games has partnered with AT&T to release a skin (or cosmetic set) exclusive to AT&T customers?

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