After weeks of speculation, Epic Games revealed that Arena Trios will finally be going-live in Fortnite.

The announcement came on Wednesday, July 10 via a Reddit post, which mentioned that players can now officially practice for the Trios Cash Cup.

Fortnite competitive players have wondered when the game mode would go live for weeks, however, Epic Games finally answered their calls.

You can view the official Reddit post from Epic Games below:

Fortnite Arena Trios announcement

Arena Trios Enabled from r/FortniteCompetitive

Following the announcement, no downtime was needed for players to hop-into Arena Trios and start practicing.

Players will able to access the new Arena mode via the game mode select screen. It currently appears to the left of Duos and Solos. Arena mode offers differing rulesets from the typical Core BR experience and is meant for competitive gameplay.

Remember, any team of 3 may enter the Trios Arena and we highly suggest trying it out with friends. All teams start out at Division 1 of the Open Division. Players will climb the ladder by earning points in games.

Trios Arena Scoring & Format

Where we dropping?

Scoring, as in other Arena modes, is based of final placement and eliminations. There is no cap on how many points a team can earn via kills. Points are cumulative across placement tiers (ie. Victory Royale with 0 kills = 15 points) The current scoring format for the mode is as listed below:

  • Victory Royale: 3 Points
  • Top 2: 3 Points
  • Top 4: 3 Points
  • Top 8: 6 Points
  • Elimination: 1 point per

Additionally, as teams climb the divisions, they will have to pay a bus fare once they leave Open League – Division 1. This is subtracted from your total Division points as you enter the match. Here’s how the bus fares work:

  • Open League – Division 1 – No Bus Fare
  • Open League – Division 2 – 3 Point Bus Fare
  • Open League – Division 3 – 4 Point Bus Fare
  • Contender League – Division 4 – 4 Point Bus Fare
  • Contender League – Division 5 – 5 Point Bus Fare
  • Contender League – Division 6 – 5 Point Bus Fare
  • Champion League – Division 7 – 6 Point Bus Fare

The bus fare was put in place to ensure that players who luck out and enter into higher divisions will fall back down. It also helps to root out players that may not have played in a while and are returning. No one wants to play against people that are 20 time better than them.

Just in time for Trios Tournament practice

Trios Cash Cup

In a private DM, Epic’s Loomin previously stated that the Trios Arena mode would not release until after the first Trios tournament. This info quickly spread and the tourney was written off by many due to the lack of possible practice.

Fortunately for competitors and viewers alike, Trios Arena has arrived with time to spare. The first Trio tourney is set to start on July 13th, giving players some time train up their 3-man’s callouts and sync-up their shots. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than we could’ve hoped for and we thank Epic for changing their plans.

The Trios Cash Cup will featured a $1,000,000 global prize pool. We can’t to see how competitive Fortnite plays in Trios with all of Season 9’s wonder and the new Air Strike item which significantly impacts the power of building.

This is a breaking story, and we will have more information as it is made available.

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