Fortnite players are theorizing that we could get gold material in Fortnite Season 2.

Fans are jumping on any piece of information that could point to Fortnite Season 2, and understandably so. Fortnite Season 1 is the longest season in history and the lack of consistent updates has made us feel every passing week.


Fans have even used some recent Fortnite leaks as theory fodder as to what may be coming in Season 2.

Recently, we saw some gold props that look to be located in the center ‘Eye Land’ of the map. Players theorize that these could point to new building material in Fortnite Season 2.

Via: @Lucas7Yoshi

Fans speculate that we might start seeing these props before Season 2, but that they will eventually lead to a new material type when the new Fortnite season begins.

Reddit user KinaKingy expressed this theory on the r/FortniteBR subreddit. They gave their own take on what might happen, although a lot of players have come up with similar theories.

As for what the Gold material will be capable of, the community is split. Some people are going so far as to predict that fully-build Gold will be nearly impervious to damage.

Epic will have to be careful about adding a new material type in Season 2 – especially from a competitive standpoint. There could be any number of reasons for these props, however. A Gold material type is only one of the possible answers.

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