A new Fortnite Chapter 2 leaked image shows evidence of boats, which has us wondering how they would work in the game if they are actually coming.

Boats could be coming to Fortnite in Season 11, bringing a mobility option never before seen in the game.

We’ve seen vehicles such as ATKs, planes, Ballers, and even mechs, but nothing has allowed players to move across the water quickly.

The leaked Chapter 2 image shows boats and a lot of water, so it doesn’t seem that crazy for boats to be introduced.

One thing that will have to be figured out is how they will work. Moving through water in Fortnite without a boat is currently pretty difficult and slow, so if the map is covered with water, that will pose a big problem.

One way to get past this would be to have players have a built-in boat to their character as Realm Royale has with their horses. This would give players the ability to fly through the water without having to find a vehicle.

Another option would be to stick to just rivers with the map, instead of having wide open lakes. It could be something like PUBG’s Erangel where water plays a big role, but there are ways to avoid it.

Loot Lake has long been the source of water in Fortnite but that may be changing.

Fortnite has shown a willingness to borrow from other games, like the Apex Legends pinging and respawn system, so it’s not something that’s impossible.

Of course, it’s important to remember these are just leaks for the time being so take them with a grain of salt.

There have been numerous rumors that hinted towards a new map, but this one might be the biggest yet.

Whatever the developers have in store for Season 11, there are just a few more days until we find out as Season 10 wraps up on October 13.

Perhaps this is where we’ll see the boats make their debut. What do you think? Would you like to see boats in Season 11 or Chapter 2?

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