The Fortnite World Cup duos finals were an amazing competition that came down to the final minutes to decide a winner.

Coming out of nowhere, the Cooler Esports duo of Aqua and Nyhrox balled out and were able to win the fourth and fifth games. A high finish in the final sixth game sealed the deal and they took home the top prize of $3,000,000.

That immediately jumps them into first place in the all time money earnings list for Fortnite as the past leaders were just over $500,000.

The final standings show the top ten and how much money was just awarded over a four hour span in NYC:

This is Scrooge McDuck amounts of money

The toughest slide came from Zayt and Saf. The long running duo took down the very first game and stayed on top of the leaderboard all the way through the first five matches. Here’s the leaderboard from Game Two, our eventual champions were no where to be seen with just a couple points earned at this point.

5/10 duos in the top ten after game 2 finished in the top ten at the end

Because Aqua and Nyhrox were way behind at this point, they started playing a more aggressive game. That ended up paying off in the end.

As the top teams were all trying to hold onto their placements and prioritize high placements over eliminations, the eventual champions were trying to fly up the standings.

That aggressive playstyle was working for them so even when they entered the top ten after their first win, they kept with it all the way until the end.

Tomorrow we will move on to the solo finals with more millionaires set to be made. Even though Aqua and Nyhrox are the highest earning Fortnite players of all time, that may only last for one day as a double qualifier could place high tomorrow and take that crown away.

See you on Sunday for another crazy day of World Cup action.

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