When April 1st hit, players expected Fortnite to change in some way to celebrate the holiday.

The game didn’t celebrate the holiday but the community came through with some pretty funny jokes.

We grabbed a couple of the best jokes that had some people fooled today.

TheSquatingDog has been one of /r/FortniteBR’s favorite contributors as they provide comprehensive challenge cheat sheets that are easy to follow.

For April Fools day they took their challenge format and packed it with some hilarious jokes.

Hidden Hot Lava Challenges (All Inclusive Cheat Sheet) from r/FortNiteBR

Each of the individual sections has a different joke worth a laugh but my two favorite are “Shoot an explosive arrow in a soccer skin’s eyeball” and “Use the travel potion so we can go back to 8.0.”

We also have an uncomfortably huge Peely skin, Thanos and a beautiful shark torpedo weapon. Great work from SquatingDog.

Also on Reddit, the Minecraft community took a nice shot at Fortnite. The mods of Reddit.com/r/Minecraft changed the banner to mimic the one over at /r/FortniteBR.

The actual contents of the page didn’t change, just the banner, but it was funny nonetheless.

Twitter had its own share of solid jokes. TSM’s Myth got a lot of people with this video:

This joke worked well because it was so subtle, I was expecting him to say some things that were questionable but instead he just disconnected his mic.

I was wondering if my old headphones had finally given way before I checked the replies to the tweet.

NickEh30 was one of the first people to get a joke in on the day. April Fools enthusiasts will know that the best time to fool the most people is right at midnight. Other time zones won’t be on April Fools yet and people’s radars won’t be up.

NickEh30 had his tweet up at 12:01 and was rewarded with a ton of engagement.

Nick has made it a point of making his stream engaging for all viewers and even for that absurd amount of retweets he wouldn’t change, which made it a solid April Fools joke.

One more April Fools joke that was just cruel to a lot of the community was a faked news tab saying Epic was reverting the 8.20 update.

This one also got some people and is a popular post in the twitter replies to big names in the Fortnite community. If Epic were to introduce news like that, they definitely wouldn’t have released it today of all days.

What were your favorite jokes you saw today?

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