The FaceTime bug which wreaked havoc amongst iPhone users due to privacy concerns appears to have been discovered by a child during a Fortnite session.

During the later half of January, a bug with iOS’ FaceTime app allowed users to eavesdrop on other FaceTime users without their knowledge- even allowing access to their phone’s camera feed unbeknownst to the party on the other side of the call.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, the bug was originally discovered and reported by a 14-year old kid and his mother.

Grant Thompson, from Tucson Arizona, was “setting up a FaceTime chat with friends ahead of a Fortnite playing session when he stumbled on the bug”.

During this call, Grant realized he could hear the audio feed from his friend’s device, despite the recipient not have answering the call at the time.

Grant immediately notified his mother who spent weeks attempting to contact Apple to no avail. After multiple calls and faxes they “eventually traded a few emails” with Apple’s security team.

Unfortunately, the group FaceTime feature was not disabled until the situation went viral on Twitter. Many people feared their privacy was at risk due to this bug.

Apple has since accredited Grant with discovering the flaw and also issued the iOS 12.1.4 update which fixed several other issues, including the aforementioned bug.

It’s unknown if Apple has rewarded the child and his mother due to the lack of a bug bounty program.

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  1. This is garbage. Nothing to do with fortnite. They even said before he started the fortnite session got into a call with facetime. This is a apple bug.

  2. Writers, fortnite intel is supposed to tell us about the actual game, not anything that happens outside of it. I mean no concepts and nothing that happens because of it. There will be mixed opinions but im sure i speak for most of the readers. I am aware that if i don’t like your posts, then i should read someone else’s article, but this website still posts great articles, but some unwanted ones.


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