Will the revolver’s redesign in Fortnite positively or negatively impact the game’s meta?

Fortnite Battle Royale’s update v9.30 was pushed on June 18 which saw the vaulting of the Boom Bow along with a few location changes.

With every patch, Fortnite data miners dive into the game’s files in order to find out information about new content potentially headed to the game.

One of the community’s most respected leakers, Lucas7Yoshi, posted a couple of images on Twitter on June 18 showing off the newly revamped revolver.

Fast and precise

Lucas7Yoshi posted two images on Twitter showing off the Revolver in legendary and epic rarities.

The weapon’s description reads, “Fast, precise sidearm, with a good punch but small capacity.”

The weapon’s details were later revealed by Lucas7Yoshi:

  • Rarity: Epic/Legendary
  • Damage: 63/66
  • Fire rate: 1.5 per second
  • Magazine size: 6
  • Reload times: 1.9/1.8

Unlike other pistols in the game, the updated Revolver will take medium bullets instead of light.

We aren’t exactly sure how the new Revolver will impact Fortnite’s meta since the Hand Cannon does more damage and has a bigger magazine.

Lucas7Yoshi also leaked the Drum Shotgun, so it seems like Epic Games is looking to switch up the weapon meta in Fortnite.

Epic Games does not comment on leaks or rumors, so we just have to wait to see what they have in store for us!

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