The Baller has had a rough ride from being one of the most over-powered and controversial vehicles to being nerfed into the ground. The Jurassic Park-esque transport may make a triumphant return due to a game-breaking Fortnite bug.

Bugs are, and will always be, a part of video gaming life and culture. No matter how hard a team works to root out every little skip or jump in code, something will always slip through. Fortnite is, of course, no exception to this rule.

The Baller’s open-ended movement mechanic lends itself to glitches and we’ve seen our fair share of these before. The latest Baller bug has players turning invisible in the middle of matches….

Watch out! Invisible Baller drivers abound!

Mom! The Baller is acting up again!

Ballers are menacing enough with their speed, versatility, and maneuverability, but imagine it turning the driver invisible. (Queue the horror music!)

Ok, we might be hyping this glitch up a little much, but it’s certainly an odd one. Many Fortnite glitches are straight up exploits which can be easily replicated. This latest mishap can’t be replicated (which is a good thing for the game) and is probably the reason it’s in the game to begin with.

In a spicy Reddit post, GucciMyFeet uploaded an interesting video where he met a phantom player. The opposing player is first seen rolling towards our hero who takes a few potshots at the vehicle. The enemy then jumps out and the glitch is revealed as a fully invisible player jumps out to fight.

Now, you might be screaming “Exploiting piece of —-!” at the screen, but we want to give the enemy a little slack. No one in the Fortnite community (with video evidence) has been able to replicate this invisibility glitch since the original video was posted.

Due to this freak occurrence, we’re pretty sure you’ll be safe from any ghostly avatars. The glitch probably requires an intricate set of prerequisites such as pick a Storm Flip, slide down a hill next to The Block, do a 180, switch weapons, enter The Baller, exit the Baller, etc.

These are types of bugs that are harmless to the majority of the playerbase. Most of us will never see the glitch in real-time. As we stated earlier, it’s also likely to be the reason Epic hadn’t noticed the bug in testing. Quality Assurance testing uses ‘test cases’ to sweep through the game’s action and scenarios, but you can’t make a test case for a hundred random player actions.

With all that said, if you do find a video or guide on how to repeat this bug, please report it to Epic Games as soon as possible.

Epic Games just returned from their two-week vacation as the end of the 14 Days of Summer event came on July 9th. Players can still complete 14 Days challenges for the next seven days.

Epic’s return might see this bug be quickly fixed if they figure out how it happened in the first place. For now, you might want to use a little caution when engaging a Baller in Fortnite.

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