You can now get the Fortnite Battle Royale: PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack for free on the PlayStation Store if you have PS Plus.

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The description of the PlayStation Plus pack, which is the third of the exclusive packs for Fortnite, is as follows:

This is an exclusive PlayStation®Plus offer. 

Grab a glider, a pickaxe and a skydiving trail to represent your Victory Royale in style with the PlayStation®Plus Celebration Pack.

This pack includes:

– Flappy Glider
– Controller Pickaxe
– Skydiving Trail

(All items are cosmetic and do not affect gameplay.)

As of September 11, 2018 – the pack has only been available in the United States PlayStation Store. We’ll update this article when it appears in other regions such as the United Kingdom.

The Flappy Glider, Controller Pickaxe and Skydiving Trail are only available in this pack exclusively, so make sure you pick it up while you have PlayStation Plus! The pickaxe seems to have buttons and a Micro-USB port on it and the glider has googly eyes.

We have had Fortnite exclusive content for Samsung Galaxy phones, PlayStation Plus, Twitch Prime, but have yet to see anything related to Nintendo or Xbox. Hopefully, that changes soon.

We’ll let you know when we have gameplay of these items available, so make sure to stay tuned to on both Twitter and other social medias! Let us know what you think.