So, it seems that the Shadow Bomb may be among the most initially glitched items to ever be introduced to Fortnite. Permanent invisibility isn’t the only major bug with the new item.

If Epic Games thought that v8.51 would be a smooth release, they thought wrong. The Shadow Bomb has a multitude of bugs associated with it including a permanent invisibility glitch.

A new bug found for the item has uncovered another way to stay within the Shadowform effect for extended periods of time. Some may begin question Epic’s testing procedures prior to patches.

The Shadowform glitches just keep coming

The Shadow Bomb has been floating around inside of Fortnite’s game files for a long time, well over a month in fact. This would lead you to believe that the item has been well thought out with significant revisions and testing.

This doesn’t appear to be the case, however. The Shadow Bomb has run into another major snag as players have found a new game breaking bug.

New item’s 6 second timer only ends after you touch the ground, if you can avoid touching the ground it never ends. from r/FortniteCompetitive

On his stream, ‘Zazzy’ went ahead and tested out the ‘6 second’ limit of the Shadowform created by the Shadow Bomb. It turns out that the effect can be prolonged indefinitely by staying in the air.

This is easily achieved by using the wall jump and double jump moves that come with the Shadowform kit. It’s extremely easy to perform and allows you climb builds, fly around, and get out of combat forever.

If you see this coming towards you…run!

You will need to stay on the move, so you will be visible to enemies in some respects. Still, you can move extremely fast and follow enemies to high ground without the use of builds.

Epic has not made any statements about the Shadow Bomb glitches as of yet.

We have a single question for Epic Games. How can this have happened? Two major game-breaking bugs for an item that has been in development for a month or more? Unacceptable.

The Fortnite World Cup Duos Week 2 is just around the corner and these glitches must be patched out before then. In addition to this, the Unvaulting event seems to be taking place DURING the World Cup event. This will no doubt interrupt some players’ games unless the event is restricted to core modes.

At the very least, professional players and competitive aspirants will not be able to participate in the voting process. Hopefully, the leaks for the date and time are simply wrong (they appear credible however).

Do you think the Shadow Bomb should deactivated until further notice? We definitely think so, these glitches are quickly getting out of hand.