The Fortnite landing screen is a static product given to us by Epic Games and is one of the only aspects of Fortnite that has no customization options. This concept would change that for good.

Almost everything in Fortnite can be customized in one way or another nowadays as Epic as found an ever-revolving door of profit and player content requests.

It’s a simple system of supply and demand which has worked in Epic’s massive favor. The sales of customization options might baffle some who don’t play the game, but once you’ve gotten engaged with Fortnite gameplay…you’re gonna wanna buy a skin or two to pay Epic back.

Season 8 Battle Royale Landing Screen – via Epic Games

However, even with all this customization, there is a key part of the game that remains completely static. It’s the first thing you see every time you start up the game. The landing screen!

Well, not to worry, Fortnite community member and creator @ItsCept has created a little preview of what a dynamic loading screen could look like.

The concept could simply be implemented as a new landing screen for the game, but we suspect that Epic would like to add this as an Item Shop/Battle Pass item.

It would create an all new category of items “Landing Screens” that could be sold to players at varying prices. Perhaps loading screen could be combined into landing screens so any loading screens you’ve earn thus far could be applied to the landing screen.

The current landing screen is oddly static for how customizable and dynamic the rest of the game is. The concept would probably add a hefty sum to Epic’s profit in the long run as well. It might seem like a small add-on, but the landing screen truly sets the mood for the entire game.

What do you think about this new landing screen concept? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter at @FortniteINTEL.

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