The FortniteBR subreddit is full of custom fan art, but one artist was cleverly able to combine Fortnite nostalgia and memes to create an insane animation.

Fortnite’s community does not have the highest of morales at the moment due to a lackluster Season X and Epic Games standing their ground on certain decisions.

Image: Epic Games
Image: Epic Games

The tenth season of Fortnite Battle Royale has frustrated casual and professional fans to the point where they have walked away to check out other games. Top streamers recently quit the Twitch Rivals tournament due to in-game frustrations.

While the community remains at a lull, some fans are trying to keep spirits high. One fan video was able to show us some of the best parts of Fortnite with original animation.

FortniteBR always delivers with fan content

CuteC3 posted a 39-second video that shows a female Fortnite character taking Jonesy for a ride across her Fortnite-themed ride.

So I made this Animated Music Video for Fortnite… [CuteC3] from r/FortNiteBR

The video begins with the female riding a shopping kart while aiming down sights with a Heavy Sniper with an enemy looking at her direction wearing the Cuddle Leader skin. Next, both characters take a ride through a Slip Stream while another player flies across in a Baller.

Clearly, the video was inspired by Fortnite, but we enjoyed the last 20 seconds of the video where you can see Kevin the Cube, the butterfly from the Season 6 event, and more.

Even though the Fortnite community does not have the highest morale due to overpowered BRUTE mechs, we can still appreciate and respect the artists attempt to bring joy to fans.

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