Update #4: The rift in Moisty Mire has spawned an animal skeleton:

Update #3: A new rift has spawned at Moisty Mire (image via @Leeqo_Z):

Update #2: The rift has now spawned a horse carriage:

Update #1: A new rift has been found north-east of the Prison near Moisty Mire which will presumably spawn another object in tomorrow:

A new rift appeared yesterday on the hill between Greasy Grove and Snobby Shores, following the familiar trend of many days before.

However, this time, instead of taking something away from the world the rift has actually introduced a new item! An anchor has appeared in place of the rift which has now closed:

Though unconfirmed, it seems rather likely this is a hint for the theme of Season 5 and more items will appear as we get closer and closer to the release. We’ll have to wait and see!