Builds are a central aspect of Fortnite gameplay and remaining efficient is important. This tunneling tip can save resources while allowing for maximum protection.

Tunneling in Fortnite is a form of building that involves moving forward (usually to get away from a fight or the Storm) while building a tunnel to defend against incoming fire. The process can cost precious mats which can make end-game fights a pain.

However, there is a new technique that can mitigate the mat bleed. The process involves the usage of pre-edited cones instead of stairs/ramps.

The player will create a slanted-ramp with the cone pre-edit. This saves 1 mat per tile allowing you to build more and save resources for more important encounters. The technique is brought to us by courtesy of “ImSpeedGonzalez.”

I know it’s meme monday, but here’s a tunneling tip: A cone pre-edit can help you do a mat efficient tunnel when you’re mid ground and edge of zone (i.e. one side is protected by storm) from r/FortniteCompetitive

The smaller material save might not seem like a massive difference, but it can easily mean the difference between life and death.

The tactic is also faster and easier to pull off than a regular tunnel build. This means that more players can pull this trick off.

A regular tunnel consists of a rotated stair and a flat platform per tile. This means you will have to rotate your stairs 90 to 270 degrees depending on your last needed placement.

With the pre-edit, you can simply place the slanted-cone ramp and the platform. The only thing you need to keep in my mind is that you will need to reset the cone edit after the tunnel if you want to use the default cone again.

So, this tactic is a double win, maybe a triple win in fact. It saves mats, it’s faster than regular tunneling, AND it’s easier to perform/reset. This means any player from casual to competitive can use this strategy to their advantage.

We hope this tunneling tip will get you in and out of fights more safely and lead to some awesome Victory Royales. You can even send us some clips of yourselves using this tip in game at @FortniteINTEL.

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