Fortnite fans often post their artwork and creations within the FortniteBR subreddit, but one fan took his creativity to an Incredible level. 

Here at FortniteINTEL, we like to cover unique and interesting concepts that fans create and share on social media, including this neat train concept in Fortnite.

It is no surprise that Fortnite fans are able to create original content thanks to Fortnite’s Playground and Creative modes, but one fan was able to combine two works of art into one.

Socksfor1 created a 75-second clip which drops Fortnite into the world of Disney’s ‘The Incredibles’.

The Fortnite Meta from FortNiteBR

The video clip, titled “The Fortnite Meta”, starts off with Mr. Incredible inside the secret lair belonging to Syndrome, just like in the original movie.

As Mr. Incredible goes to enter the password, the clip is edited to show him typing in the password “VBUCKS”.

The next shot shows the superhero selecting between four different options – Island Operations, Finances, Content Creators, and Updates.

IMG: Socksfor1

Mr. Incredible selects the “Updates” options, and the huge screen flicks of different skins and weapons arriving in Fortnite, along with a hilarious thumbnail of Ali-A and “clickbait thumbnails”.

Dramatic begins to fill the background as several slides show what is coming to Fortnite.

Mr. Incredible then begins to search for “Infinity Sword” which shows a result for the mythic item describing it as “This item is beyond broken”.

The end of the video shows off different fictional Fortnite items like silenced and scoped Pickaxes, an assault rifle with over 10 attachments, a glider with numerous weapons attached, and more.

Would you like to see more Fortnite crossover videos created by fans, and if so, what movie would you combine with the game?

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