The Fortnite v7.40 update has arrived. A v7.40 Content Update is expected to be the final update of Fortnite’s 7th Season, it’s unlikely to bring new Cosmetics.

Many Fortnite fans are interested in seeing what Epic has up their sleeves, before it is officially released or revealed. It’s very likely that this will be the last update to bring cosmetics until Fortnite Season 8.

Below you can find a list of all unreleased cosmetics as of the v7.40 update. Majority of these cosmetics have not been sitting around in the assets for too long and are likely to release in the coming weeks.


Lil Whip (Epic Outfit)
Whipped up, and ready to serve.


Rebel (Epic Outfit)
Oppose the establishment.


Revolt (Epic Outfit)
Conquer the system.


Instinct (Rare Outfit)
Victory comes naturally.



Flimsie Flail (Rare Pickaxe)
Flop til the drop.


Ice Pop (Rare Pickaxe)
It can take a lickin’.


Longhorn (Rare Pickaxe)
Corral the competition.


Squid Striker (Rare Pickaxe)
Speak softly and carry a giant squid.


Uni-horn (Rare Pickaxe)
Take the competition by the horn.


Crossroads (Uncommon Pickaxe)
This can go one of two ways…


Back Bling

Fallen Wings (Legendary Back Bling)
Ready to rebound.


Board Bag (Epic Back Bling)
Ready for the grind.


Cannister Carrier (Epic Back Bling)
Spray it, don’t say it.


Sno Cone (Epic Back Bling)
A neverending treat.


Reaction Tank (Rare Back Bling)



Extra Cheese (Epic Glider)
Slice through the sky.


Ice Cream Cruiser (Rare Glider)
Melty at every altitude.


Helium (Uncommon Glider)
Lighter than air.


Rush (Uncommon Glider)
It’s a rush!


Steadfast (Uncommon Glider)



Jamboree (Rare Emote)
Celebrate anything and everything.


Overdrive (Rare Emote)
Push it past the limit.



Chromatic (Uncommon Wrap)
Show your style.


Sprinkles (Uncommon Wrap)
Show your style.

Which of the unreleased cosmetics are your favorite? Do you plan to pick any of them up when/if they are released via the Item Shop?

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