One of the key new additions to this season of Fortnite is the X-4 Stormwing plane that is scattered around the map. 

These planes are incredibly powerful and come equipped with a machine gun and a set of fancy maneuvers.

Finding a plane basically takes out the worry of the storm completely and, even if you are shot down, just means you glide back to the map.

So now the question is: Where can I get one?

So far there are ten locations I discovered and three more from the community that are marked on the map below:

All the known plane locations in Fortnite


  • I2 east of Risky (Thanks to WolvesFN and Your Brothers Fish on Twitter)
  • J4 Basement of Superhero Mansion (Thanks to PvPLogger on Twitter
  • G6 Crashed but usable plane SW of Retail (Thanks to Matheus Figueró on Twitter)
  • B9 In the yeti cave, but usable (Thanks to my roommate for trying it out)

Some of those locations house more than one plane with the max I have seen in one location being three, but there could be more.

By no means is that map above a definitive list. I found one location on the frozen island while investigating a hidden rift, and there could be more random spots with single plane spawns.

If you come across a plane that isn’t marked on the map above, post a picture or the location in the comments and I will add it in.

Clips using the planes have already started to appear and TSM’s HighDistortion went full GTA with an in-air hijacking.

Another great clip came in our Twitter replies with Charlie Bolt pulling off an absurd upside down snipe from the wing of the plane. Eventually, a top ten plane highlight article will be coming so keep hold of your best clips in air and send em to us.


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