The rarest skins in Fortnite are often a subject of conversation as old players protect them and new players want them to come back.

Usually, these skins come from Battle Passes or specific events because most things in the item shop come back around at some point.

There are some that have gone a long time without being seen in the shop and Reddit user General_Grievous went to the work of compiling all the skins, gliders, pickaxes and emotes that haven’t been in the shop in over 100 days.

One important note, skins that appear in bundles are not counted for this list. So Leviathan was included in a bundle but not by itself, and so its date on this list is its last individual appearance in the store.

Here’s the graphic they made:

I present to you: The 100+ days item shop vault (as of January 9 2019). Now with more flair!! I hope you like it and if you have suggestions, I would appreciate that a lot. from FortNiteBR

Based on their research, here are the outfits missing for the longest period overall, and it’s an interesting trend.

The holiday skins seem to be the rarest as they only appear around that specific holiday, then don’t come back the next year.

Here are the rankings of the oldest outfits, and their corresponding holiday if there is one:

Recon Expert: 424 days

Ghoul Trooper (Halloween): 408 days

Codename E.L.F. (Christmas): 344 days

Tracker: 296 days

Sgt. Green Clover (St. Patrick’s Day): 275 days

Star Spangled Trooper and Star Spangled Ranger (4th of July): 189 days

Jumpshot and Triple Threat (NBA Free Agency): 184 days

This information means that anytime you are deciding between a holiday-themed skin and a generic one, it will almost always be better to choose the holiday theme as they are much less likely to return to the Item Shop.

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