One of the most important high-level building skills is the ability to do 90s.

Whole training courses have been built that help players practice but 90s are still very difficult to do consistently.

The benefits of learning how to do them are numerous. 90s are the best way to gain height quickly while staying protected while you do them.

They are also hard to predict as most players aren’t good enough to anticipate where a player is building when rapidly doing 90s.

But there isn’t just one way to do 90s. The only requirement is that you move upwards quickly at a 90-degree angle, other aspects can be added in that confuse opponents, save materials, and add protective walls.

Trevorclips went through a bunch of different ways to do 90s in a rapid fire video.

90s explained in 1min from r/FortniteCompetitive

The ones that help you save mats are great ways to improve and help you win in higher level build fights in Arena Mode.

As you can see there have been a lot of different techniques being tried and used in Fortnite.

Watching edits like this is a bit mesmerizing as the APM is just absurdly high.

A basic 90 is something everyone can do with only a little practice.

One of the best resources to get a base level of knowledge on how to do 90s came from an old video from YouTuber Beaks.

It was posted in September 2018, and isn’t the same pace as current 90s, but that’s what makes it a good resource for beginners.

Do you think 90s are something worth learning for a casual Fortnite player, or are they more trouble than they are worth?

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