Limited time mission sets featured daily unlocks and the ‘Leftovers’ pack can now be fully completed.

With Season X, Epic changed up the challenge system by introducing mission sets. These come in two variants, the Limited-Time sets and Battle Pass sets. Limited-Time missions can be completed by all players while the Battle Pass missions are exclusively for premium pass owners.

Limited time ‘Leftovers’ missions have been unlocking once a day throughout Week 4 and now they’re all available. You can check them all out below.

All ‘Leftovers’ Missions now available in Fortnite

As with every week in Season X, you’ll want to complete the Limited-Time missions for some extra Battle Stars. This goes doubly for free players as this is the only way to earn stars outside of Seasonal Level progression.

As of August 21, all ‘Leftovers’ missions have been unlocked.

Week 3 ‘Leftovers’ Missions

None of the missions feature anything overly difficult. This is the general gist for all these types of challenges as they are meant to be completed quickly and without hassle.

We highly suggest using the Team Rumble to complete missions as there are many eliminations to go around. Core modes can get annoying for these tasks as you’ll still be wanting to win in the end.

‘Leftovers’ Fortnite Mission set rewards

Of course, no mission set would be worth completing without the prospect of rewards. Limited time sets do not offer Prestige versions and so only have one tier of rewards.

Leftovers mission rewards

As with the previous weeks, Battle Stars and XP make up the bulk of the set.

  • 30 Battle Stars
  • 3.5K Seasonal XP
  • ‘The Leftovers’ Loading Screen

These rewards cannot be earned past the release of Week 4 missions on August 22. If you haven’t gotten a chance to play this week, you’d better hop quickly to complete these.

Free Battle Pass players should always aim to get these done, but premium players do sort of have the option to skip them. The majority of stars come from Battle Pass missions sets.

How far are you along with the Season X Battle Pass? Tell us your progression in the comments below!