Fortnite Chapter 2 introduced a brand new map but has some returning locations for fans of the old map.

Are you afraid of change? If so, the addition of an entirely new Fortnite map will terrify you. The new map is exciting, unique and beautiful. The graphics are optimized and – even though there are frame-drops across the board – it looks much better than it did.

The map isn’t completely foreign, however. There are several old locations around the Fortnite map – you just have to find them. Epic added a new mechanic with this map, which forces you to explore before POIs pop up on your map.

Here are all of the returning locations in Fortnite Chapter 2.

Retail Row

Retail Row has always been a fan favorite in Fortnite, and it’s back for Chapter 2; this time free from zombies!

You can find Retail – nearly untouched – in the Southeast corner of the new map.

Salty Springs

Salty Springs is still a central location for Fortnite Chapter 2. It’s a bit different than it was on the original map, but it will still look very familiar to returning players.

Salty has always been a hotspot and it looks to remain that way. You can find it just to the West of the central island, which means it’s still going to be the storm’s best friend.

Risky Reels

Risky Reels might be the most exciting returning location in Fortnite. Epic teased the return of Risky during Season X but it never came to fruition.

Now, Risky is back with a new, tighter look than it had before. You can find the new Risky Reels just North of the center island. It’s unnamed on the map once you find it, but it carries the distinct outline of the old Risky.

Pleasant Park

Pleasant Park is another popular spot in Fortnite, and it returns for Chapter 2. It’s nearly identical to the old Pleasant, so you shouldn’t have much difficulty finding your way around.

Pleasant is in its Chapter 2 mirror to where it was located within the old map. It’s in the Northwest part of the map, closer to the center island.

The most difficult part of finding a new landing spot is not knowing where any of the chests are located. There are some awesome landing spots full of materials or natural shields, but it can sometimes be hard to find a gun. If you’re looking for the “old Fortnite” feel, land at one of these returning locations.

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