On November 5th, 2018 Epic Games and the National Football League revealed the Fortnite x NFL cosmetics. Patch v6.22 reveals their Descriptions, Rarities, and more.

In addition to NFL team outfits, there will be football-themed emotes, harvesting tools, gliders, and even a referee outfit, so players can bring their passion for football into Fortnite.

Once a player owns an NFL team outfit they will be able to choose a uniform from any of the League’s 32 teams and customize the jersey with a number of their choice (1-99). The NFL team outfits will be available as both male and female figures and can be customized with a different team/number each time a player uses the outfit in Fortnite.​


Striped Soldier (Uncommon) – Call it like you see it.

Whistle Warrior (Uncommon) – Throw a flag on the play.


End Zone (Epic) – Deep in opposition territory.

Gridiron (Epic) – Dominate the field.

Spike (Epic) – Throw it on the ground.

Strong Guard (Epic) – Protect the blind side.


Blitz (Epic) – Catch ’em off guard.

Interceptor (Epic) – Take what’s theirs.

Juke (Epic) – Leave them in your dust.

Rush (Epic) – Just keep running.


Touchdown (Uncommon) – Go for the extra point.

Golden Pigskin (Uncommon) – Claim the trophy.

First Downer (Uncommon) – 10 yards to victory.

Upright Axe (Rare) – It’s up, and it’s good!


Denied (Uncommon) – Not this time.

Spike It (Rare) – Celebrate a big play.

At the time of writing these items have yet to be release, nor has a release date been announced. Stay tuned for further information!

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