Summer parties simply aren’t complete without giant, oversized beach balls. As part of a Fortnite 14 Days of Summer challenge, you’ll need to find one of these in five separate matches.

14 Days, 14 challenges. Epic Games will be releasing new tasks each day for Season 9 players during their summer event. The full list of challenges leaked last week with information about rewards included.


The challenges aren’t necessarily anymore mind-bending than your typical Fortnite assignments. However, guides can ensure you complete the tasks swiftly and let you get back to core Fortnite gameplay.

Giant Beach Ball Locations – 14 Days of Summer

When Epic says ‘giant’, they mean GIANT. Bouncing these balls involves you swinging your pickaxe at the object which will send it flying a short distance. The spheres move dynamically on both client and server side, so other players may have moved them from their original locations.

The spawning points for the balls can be seen in the map below:

Giant Beach Ball locations – 14 Days of Summer

There are only three unique beach balls on the map in a single game. You will only need to bounce one of them and then you can leave. Team Rumble will be your best option as you can simply leave the game after you’ve completed the task.

Additionally, unlike with many other challenges, you’re allowed to use the same ball for all five matches. From our gameplay testing, the desert ball looks to be the least popular. For the hottest drops and fights, we suggest the central location.

Check out this video from Wild Side to see what the giant beach balls look like in-game:

Yesterday’s challenge had players visiting six different Beach Parties scattered around the map. We’ll providing additional guides as the days roll on and give updates on any cosmetics released as part of the 14 Days event.