A slew of changes were implemented with Fortnite update v8.40 on April 17 including additions to Pleasant Park, Retail Row, and Snobby Shores.

Fortnite’s v8.40 update on April 17 added two new Infantry Rifle variants, the return of the X-4 Stormwing in it’s own special LTM, and the unearthing of the Gateway at Loot Lake.

Map changes were implemented too, as a couple new bunkers have been added around the map which might hint more towards Season 9’s storyline.

Loot Lake’s Gateway

There are a total of three excavation sites around Fortnite’s map – Loot Lake, Dusty Divot, and south east in the desert biome.

Construction at Loot Lake completed on April 17 to reveal a large metal door.

Theories around the Fortnite community are pointing to another large in-game event for the arrival of Season 9.

The Gateway at Loot Lake.

Retail Row Bunker

A new bunker has appeared in the house behind the Pizza shop at Retail Row.

Players can access the new bunker by destroying the black car in the garage in order to access the stairs.

IMG: FortniteMaster

Another subtle change to Retail Row is that the Pizza Pit and Durr Burger are now facing each other, creating the Fortnite fast-food mascot rivalry.

IMG: FortniteMaster

Pleasant Park Bunkers

Pleasant Park has two new bunkers in different houses around the town.

The new bunkers feature control panels, scientific equipment, and other items similar to previous bunkers.

IMG: FortniteMaster

Snobby Shores Viking Takeover

All of houses at Snobby Shores have been taken over by the Vikings, except one.

The final house is currently under attack, but will the Vikings complete their territorial siege?

IMG: FortniteMaster


Two new props have been added to the map in order to be used for Season 8’s Week 8 challenge which tasks players to locate them.

Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit phone can be located to the east of The Block, pictured below.

IMG: FortniteMaster

The last telephone for the Durr Burger can be located to the west of Fatal Fields in the snow biome.

IMG: FortniteMaster

If you are interested in reading about all of the patch notes from Fortnite’s v8.40 patch on April 17, you can read our guide here.

What do you think is inside the giant metal plate at Loot Lake?