The start of a new season in Fortnite is an exciting time for players of the battle royale game, as Epic Games introduce major map changes to freshen up the experience.

Epic Games have evolved the Fortnite map throughout the first ten seasons, taking it from just a boring grassy area in Season 1 with a couple of locations, all the way through to Season 9’s hybrid mix of a sci-fi movie and awesome pirate adventure.


Season X promised major changes from just the trailer and teasers, including the re-introduction of the beloved Dusty Depot and the original factories that stood on the fan favorite location in the game’s opening season.

Epic Games dropped the v10.0 patch notes for Season X on August 1, and alongside a host of other major changes, they revealed that new ‘Rift Zones’, created from the massive explosion of the orb which alter the way the game is played.

Below you can find the data mined map of the changes, alongside some in-depth looks at the map changes that have been found in the game so far.

Fortnite Season X Map

The full Season X map Credit: Epic Games

Dusty Depot

The biggest change to the Fortnite map is the return of fan favorite location Dusty Depot, which originally left the game in Season 4 when it was destroyed by a massive meteor.

Leaving a gigantic hole in the arth that became known as Dusty Divot, players were able to bounce around the remnants of the space rock which crashed into the earth, and the subsequent labratory which was set up around it.

Now, the famous buildings are back in the game, and players can jump in and return to the the depots.

Dusty Depot is back in the Season 10 update.Credit: Epic Games


Dusty Depot isn’t the only fan favorite location to reappear in the game, as the famous factories which sit close to the depots also jumped back into the game in the Season X update.

Many Fortnite fans were upset to see these buildings disappear, but you’ll now be able to search them for loot and weapons once again.

The factories beside Dusty Depot have also returned.


Not only have the factories and Dusty Depot returned, but the meteor that blew both locations to smithereens is also back, floating in stasis right above the two returned areas.

The meteor is floating in the sky above the island.

The Orb

The orb is also still in the game, sitting at Loot Lake with a number of objects floating around it following the major explosion.

The orb has pulled random objects into the sky around it.

Doggus skeleton

Trees have started to grow around the skeleton of the Doggus creature, with red leaves scattered across the ground around it.

Beautiful trees have started to blossom around the skeleton.

Risky Reels returns?

Long-time Fortnite players will remember Risky Reels, which sat in the north-east corner of the map where the volcano now resides. A drive in cinema packed with cars, it disaappeared with the introduction of The Block, but it seems that it has made a return in a rather perculiar way.

Set up east of Sunny Steps is a blank sheet with two chairs in front of it, acting like a mini movie screen. What makes it more interesting is the sign from Risky Reels which sits above it, perhaps indicating that it will be back sooner rather than later.

The sign from Risky Reels sits on top of this makeshift movie screen.

There are more map changes being discovered all the time, so make sure to check back as we’ll continue to update this article as they become available.