Overtime Challenges in Season 9 allow players to get additional Styles and XP rewards in return for completion.

As with several past seasons, Epic offers players Overtime challenges and rewards in Season 9. These must be completed before the end of the Season and include Styles that will never be available again.

The last wave of Overtime challenges unlocked on July 29. Players can now hop in-game and complete all nine, but you’ll need to bring a friend along to help you out.

All Season 9 Overtime Challenges Unlocked

Season 9 will end in a few short days and Epic has begun to tease Season 10 with two teaser images. One depicts the return of a fan-favorite location while the other hints at the Visitor’s comeback appearance.

But before we’re done with Season 9, Overtime must be completed! The final three challenges have been unlocked for all players. To help you complete these challenges easily, we’ll compile all information about them into this single article. There’s nothing overly difficult here, but a little help never hurt anybody.

All Overtime Challenges

As with other Overtimes, Epic wants players to engage in Fortnite with friends. Three challenges will require friends while the other six can be completed without assistance. Epic suggests the use of Party Assist for the damage challenges, but it’s not necessary if you complete these in Team Rumble.

Team Rumble even grants higher chances at higher tier loot drops, so damage is slightly increased on average.

We won’t bore you by explaining the self-explanatory, but two of the challenge do require some location knowledge. Specifically, the monster skull and indoor soccer pitch challenges. For these, we’ve got maps to ensure fast completion.

Monster Skull & Indoor Soccer Pitch Location Maps

Conveniently, these two locations are situated within running distance of each other. You can also use the Slipstream network and Skybases to quickly fly from the monster skull to the indoor soccer pitch.

As of July 29, players have under 3 days to complete these challenges. In addition to Overtime, Battle Pass & Fortbyte challenges must also be completed before the season’s end. These unlock a combination of cosmetics and Styles for use throughout any season.

Birthday Challenges also have due date at season’s end and end 14 hours prior to the closing of the Overtime challenges.

For those that missed the news, the Fortnite World Cup Finals concluded on July 28 with Bugha being crowned the Solos Champion. It was certainly worth the watch and we recommend checking out some replays and reruns when the chance presents itself.

Now, it’s onto Season 10 (or perhaps Season X) as Epic seeks to refresh the Battle Royale gameplay with a new set of cosmetics, mechanics, and more! Check back daily for leaks & news on the upcoming season.

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