Thanks to a new in-game event, Borderlands has invaded Fortnite with a limited-time event that has changed up parts of the Battle Royale map.

Fortnite Season X did not kick off smoothly due to the addition of the overpowered BRUTE mechs. Since then we have seen a nerf to the weaponized vehicles, but fans are still not pleased with Fortnite’s current state.

Instead of making major updates at the beginning of each Fortnite season, the tenth season has elected to make slight changes each week thanks to the addition of the Rift Beacon. The Rift Beacon previously transformed Neo Tilted into Tilted Town and Mega Mall into Retail Row.

Update v10.20 launched on August 27 with a slew of map changes that are important to note.

Welcome to Pandora

We previously noted that the Rift Beacon moved towards outside the Truck ‘N’ Oasis, leading us to believe that the desert biome might be getting a change.

IMG: Epic Games

As we expected, the Rift Beacon did activate and transformed the desert into a new world.

Fortnite’s v10.20 introduced the Fortnite x Mayhem event with a Borderlands crossover.

Players who enter the new Rift Zone will be able to gain shields, which will certainly help players who are looking to complete the event challenges that are mainly located within the new zone.

Dusty Depot

It has been rumored that The Visitor will be returning to Fortnite as fans believe he is preparing to battle against the BRUTE mechs.

IMG: Dexerto

There has been a small hideout constructed within Dusty Depot for The Visitor to gather his weapons for the rumored war.

While this slight change isn’t evidence, we definitely find it interesting. If you look closely at the photo, you can see parts of a BRUTE torn down and displayed on shelves.

If we find any other map updates that happened due to v10.20, we will be sure to update this article!