Pirate cannons are now all over the map in Fortnite because of Season 8. Here’s where you can find them all.

Fortnite’s Week 2 challenges require players to deal damage with the new pirate cannons.

This can be a difficult thing to do as other players might not be running directly in the line of sight of a cannon for you to even do 100 damage.

It can also be pretty difficult if you don’t know where to find the cannons.

Lucky for you, we have a map handy showing where you can find the various cannons on the map.

All Pirate Cannon Locations in Fortnite Season 8.

All you have to do is hop on one and hope there’s an enemy near them.

Your best bet is to probably head to Lazy Lagoon since a lot of players will likely be looking for cannons there if they’re just guessing.

There are numerous cannons to be found there so that might your best bet to get it done quickly.

Remember, this is a challenge you might run into several players there looking to get it done, giving you a perfect opportunity to deal damage.

This challenge might be a little difficult to get done but with enough patience you’ll surely be able to pull it off.

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