Epic Games released an all new LTM game mode, Air Royale, with the v8.40 update. Some of the LTM’s challenges were released as well, but leaks have revealed all remaining challenges ahead of time.

Leaks are a common occurrence within Fortnite as thousands of people comb through the files after each patch. While Epic tries to hide some things from us, most of the files can be openly browsed.

The new ‘Air Royale’ LTM came to Fortnite with the v8.40 update and brought with it a few challenges. Three to be exact, but a total of 9 challenges have been revealed via community leaks.

All Air Royale LTM Challenges

The three Air Royale challenges currently available to all players are just the beginning. The 6 remaining challenges are currently time-gated and will be unlocked in the coming days.

The current challenges are as follows:

  • Deal Damage to opposing Stormwings with an SMG or Minigun
  • Collect different rarities or Sky Chests as a pilot
  • Play matches of Air Royale

The rest of the challenges unlock in two and four days time, but of course, they’ve already been leaked. Lucky us.

The leaks are courtesy of the @ShiinaBR on Twitter. The original credit for the discovery goes to @RiftFNBR.

The remaining 6 challenges for the Air Royale LTM include a lot of what you might expect. Deal some damage, eliminate a few opponents and the like.

  • Deal damage to opposing Stormwings with Pistols
  • Destroy opposing Stormwings
  • Outlast Opponents in Air Royale
  • Deal damage to opposing Stormwings with an Assault Rifle
  • Deal Damage with upgraded Stormwing weapons
  • Place Top 5 in Air Royale

What is the Air Royale LTM?

Air Royale brings dogfight action to Fortnite – via Epic Games

The concept behind the Air Royale LTM in quite simple and you might have already guessed the main feature from the title.

Stormwings return to Fortnite with the Air Royale LTM as you and your duo fight against opposing enemy aircraft. The game-mode plays similarly to regular Battle Royale, but with a few twists thrown in.

Each player gets three chances per game and then they are eliminated. Sky Chests are power-ups around the map that grant players weapons and upgraded guns for their Stormwing.

Instead of builds and ground combat, you will need to dogfight your way to victory. Boost, spin, and 180 into the win by dealing damage to enemy planes and coming out as the last plane left standing.

Hop in and try out the new game-mode now. Any fans of old WW2 dogfight simulators are sure to love Air Royale.

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