Epic Games have announced all 4 High Stakes event challenges.

In this challenge, if you play 10 matches of the upcoming Getaway LTM, you will receive 5,000 XP – this is a really easy challenge as you can get 5,000 XP for completing 4 challenges in a weekly set.

Dealing 500 damage to Jewel Carrying opponents in the upcoming Getaway LTM will give you a spray which includes all 4 suits of a card set – something that is able to be customised on the hockey mask of the upcoming Wild Card outfit.

If you pick up a jewel in 5 different matches of the Getaway LTM, then you will find yourself being rewarded with the Money trail. This is one of the favourable items in the challenge rewards, as it looks very cool.

The currency falling from the player looks to have a Llama in place of a leader/notable figure and looks kinda like Monopoly money.

By completing all three challenges in the High Stakes set of challenges, you will get yourself a Crowbar axe for your player. Unfortunately, fans were expecting to get the Wild Card outfit in place of this, but that will be on the item shop instead.

What do you think of these challenges? They seem to be quite easy – we do not know how long they will last, or how long the event will last, but we’ll have to see. We’re guessing the challenges will last two weeks at best.

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