Want to know what to expect from all Maya customization challenges?

In Fortnite Season 2, Epic introduced the first skin that is truly customizable. When you include all of the options from the Maya skin, you have thousands of combinations that nearly guarantees you’ll have a unique style.


Whether you like this skin or not, it’s promising to see Epic bringing us more customization options in our cosmetics. This, along with the rumored Locker preset feature, is a step in the right direction.

To gain all ten customizable parts to Maya, you’ll need to complete a list of challenges. A new challenge will release every week and give you the opportunity to unlock a new option for your skin.

Epic Games

Data miner @iFireMonkey was able to take a look at all of the upcoming Fortnite Maya challenges for her future customization preferences.

There are nine challenges in total, with the scarf style being unlocked after you complete all of them. The following challenges will go live every week for the next two months:

  • Achieve AR Specialist by dealing 250 damage with Assualt Rifles in a single match (0/5)
  • Place top 20 in a match (0/5)
  • Achieve Pistol Specialist by dealing 250 damage with Pistols in a single match (0/5)
  • Get Gold Battle Medals by making 8 Elims in a single match (0/5)
  • Achieve Shotgun Specialist by dealing 250 damage with Shotguns in a single match (0/5)
  • Get Gold Survival Medals by surviving until 10 players remain (0/5)
  • Achieve SMG Specialist by dealing 250 damage with SMGs in a single match (0/5)
  • Get Gold Scavenger Medals by searching 12 Chests, Llamas, or Supply Drops (0/5)
  • Outlast 500 opponents (0/500)
Via: @iFireMonkey

There will be a lot of medal and achievement grinding for Maya’s styles, but most of these can be completed in Team Rumble.

Maya has a ton of different customization options, which is exciting when thinking about the future of Fortnite. Epic could do a lot with these options, and even make some of the styles of future skins very difficult to obtain – not that they would.

Via: iFireMonkey

Imagine if Epic made an exclusive hairstyle for those who reached Champion League in Arena. That would, at least, incentivize people to grind competitive Fortnite.

Whether or not Maya blows you away, it’s a fantastic sign to see what Epic can do with custom skins. The sky’s the limit.

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