As of April 10th, Epic Games has added new Styles for the character ‘Lynx.’ These new Styles specifically affect her when she dons her full panther uniform.

Season 7’s Battle Pass came with several amazing and unqiue skins as every Battle Pass. Lynx is one of the most popular and stylish of the pack.

Epic Games’ art team has recently been hard at work to expand the options and variety of older skins. For example, the Elite Agent got her helmet removed and the Astronaut skins all got some upgrades of their own.

These Styles allow players to further customize their collection of skins without needing to purchase new products. Epic already makes more than enough cash on the initial purchase and it’s a nice bit of fanfare to give these away for free.

Additional Lynx Styles in v8.30 update

Any players that obtained Lynx back in Season 7 will unlock additonal Styles when they enter Fortnite for the first time after the v8.30 update.

The Styles are two simple changes in response to community requests for the Lynx skin.

Stage 3 and Stage 4 now feature an option to remove the ponytail from the top of Lynx’s head.

Players have asked for this change as the ponytail features rag-doll physics in-game and can be very distracting in the middle gunfights. The ponytail flips and flops around wildly when the player jumps and quickly maneuvers.

The new Styles simply pluck the ponytail off the top, keeping the rest of the skin’s Stages the same.

What other retroactive Styles would you like Epic Games to add to the game? Our personal choices would be additional options for Calamity, Fate, and the Team Leader skins.

Tell us your opinion on these new Styles and what else you would like to see in the future from Epic in the comments. You can also contact us from through Twitter at @FortniteINTEL.

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  1. Because this change is obviously more important then the revert. SSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many more people were clamoring over this change then the revert. Good job epic.

      • You’re probably in division 1 where queue times don’t take 5 years just to find a game. Even when we do find games in higher divisions, unless you wanna get killed by some bullshit early on you have to play extremely passively and last till the sweatfest that is Div 6 and above endgame, where everyone is tunneling and bunkering down. So keep talking about stuff you have no idea about buddy

          • I play in Oceania servers where the average queue time for my Division (Div 6, 250 points) is 3-5 minutes a game, but it’s not just for my region. I’ve seen some American and European streamers have to wait the same and sometimes more time just for a single game

    • You realise that the people that make cosmetics and the people who change the game mechanics are completely different

    • Learn the difference between making cosemtics and working on the game. I hate people like you who assume that releasing cosmetics somehow affects game development

      • Jesus Christ I get it. They are different teams working on cosmetics and the in game mechanics. You don’t have to be so toxic. People are more likely to listen to what you have to say when you aren’t telling them you hate them. What you said makes sense, but my first instinct after reading it was to reply with another toxic thing.

          • Maybe your right about that , but I wasn’t trying to change someone else’s mind and you were. I’m just saying when you are talking to a real person and trying to give them more understanding it helps to be a kinder. After learning this information which I did not know previously, there would be no need for me to respond except for me thanking you for the extra knowledge so I do not make anymore uneducated comments. Anyways, thanks for letting me know.

  2. can all of you guys that have twitter and reddit please all ask for the tier 100 skin to be without the disgusting nose ring!!! Otherwise its just un-useable. please guys. The lynx edit it so something no one has asked for! compared to the thousands of us that hate the nose ring


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