Parties in Fortnite have been acting up lately and forcing people to become locked into groups. Epic Games has announced they are preparing to conduct maintenance on the issue shortly.

Fortnite’s Party Sevices include everything to do with partying up. This means the party menus, in-game displays, etc.

The system hasn’t exactly been working well recently and Epic Games will be performing maintenance on the service in short time. The fixes should restore full usage of Party Services, unless something larger is causing the issues.

Epic Games Party Services Maintenance

Epic Games already attempted to fix up the Party Services in Fortnite early on April 14th, but the fixes didn’t quite seem to work. In fact, they created some new problems, unfortunately.

Epic has now announced that a new round of maintenance for the party system is on the way.

As the tweet describes, Epic will begin the maintenance of the service at the usual 5AM ET time. We suspect that the maintenance will not last too long.

No true downtime has been declared for the maintenance, but there could be some ‘degraded’ performance. This is especially true for player who will be playing in parties at that time.

So, what’s wrong with the Party Services?

Over the course of a few days, the Party Services in Fortnite have been experienced annoying bugs.

Mainly, the parties in Fortnite have been getting locked. When players enter the parties, they become locked in and cannot back out of the party normally.

Similarly, some players are not able to join friends. The glitches make playing the game as a group a little difficult right now as you will have to restart/crash the game to leave parties.

While many players don’t leave their parties during gameplay sessions, some players like to hop into Solos if they are eliminated quickly in Squads/Duos. This is nearly impossible right now without having to reload the game completely each time.

Have you been experiencing any of these problems or are you a lucky one?

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