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Acorn, Slackes & Jahq win final Ninja Battles Fortnite tournament

Acorn, Slackes, and Jahwq win the final Ninja Battles Fortnite tournament. Take a look at the complete results here.



Ninja Battles 6 – the last Ninja Battles – is in the books. For many, this was a bit of a sneak peak of the upcoming FNCS. If so, then Zayt, Saf, and Stretch are going to own Doom’s Domain.

As was the case with the Ninja Battles over the weekend, Ninja, himself competed in the tournament with Ronaldo and Paper. The trio ended up finishing in 27th – a respectable placement for three players who have never played together as a trio, but probably not what they wanted.

This week was a bit different than previous Ninja Battles tournaments – featuring 100 players rather than 60. On Paper and Ronaldo’s stream, you could hear Ninja’s frustration with the lag caused by so many players. “I never wanted this,” he told everyone watching, referring to the lag and the number of players in the tournament.

Regardless of whether or not Ninja approved of the format, most of the teams involved in the tournament were used to the tremendous end-game lag. Unfortunately, it’s what many of them will have to deal with in the upcoming FNCS.

When it was all said and done, the trio of Acorn, Slackes, and Jahq won the competition with 69 points – 18 points above Bugha, Jamper, and Avery in second place. This might be the largest margin of victory that we’ve seen in Ninja Battles.

Here’s a look at the rest of the standings outside of the top five:

6. UnknownxArmy, Casqe, Smqcked
7. Bucke, Kreo, Khanada
8. Reverse2k, Deyy, Mero
9. Aspect, NPen, Xoonies
10. Degen, Ajers, Animal
11. Vivid, Deroller, Co1az0
12. Riversan, Dubs, Megga
13. Emad, Haz, WavyJacob
14. Zayt. Saf, Stretch
15. Scoped, HighSky, Tuexy
16. Nate Hill, Funk, Sticks
17. Eclipsae, Klass, Crimz
18. Skqittles, Zyfa, Nosh
19. Coop, Chap, Furious
20. MrSavage, LeTsHe, benjyfishy
21. EpikWhale, Arkham, Rehx
22. Cazz, Pxlarized, Curney
23. Flikk, Anas, Thomas
24. Mikey, Nittle, ClarityG
25. Ceice, Blake, Keys
26. Jayth, Crunchy, Whofishy
27. Ninja, Ronaldo, Paper
28. Arab, Till, DPChew
29. YungCalc, Mackwood, ZexRow
30. JaredFPS, Tilt, Thiefs
31. NickEh30, Punisher, Replays
32. FlakesPower, TheCaiox, Caduzin
33. Kiwiz, Orange Forpzy

Sadly, this was the last Ninja Battles event on the schedule. With Ninja’s return to Fortnite, however, it’s possible that we see more of these in the future – even if they’re not immediate. Based on the name, “Ninja Battles feat. Fortnite,” It seems like Ninja may want to host some tournaments for other games before revisiting Fortnite.

Either way, this was one of the most entertaining Fortnite tournament series we’ve seen. At the very least, we hope that another organization will pick up the invitational format with fewer teams, similar to Ninja Battles, in the future.

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The 5 most hated skins in Fortnite

The Fortnite community is no fan of these skins.



Fortnite skins have taken on a life of their own since the game came out. Back in the early days, we couldn’t imagine spending money on a free game. Now, hundreds of dollars later, we’re still padding our lockers as collectors of in-game cosmetics.

Some skins tell a lot about the player wearing them. A Peely? They’re just trying to goof around and have some fun. A Dynamo? Sweat is probably pouring onto their keyboard at all times.

Today, we’re taking a look at the most hated skins in Fortnite – the skins that elicit an immediate reaction from opponents. You better be ready for some backlash if you post a clip while wearing one of these skins.

5. Female Soccer Skins

Female Soccer Skins have been hated ever since they first came out. This might have been the first “sweaty” skin to come to Fortnite, and it remains in the category to this day. However, it’s been made available in the Item Shop quite frequently so everyone from sweats to casuals owns it.

“Soccer skin” means more than just the skin that someone is wearing, at this point. It’s a term that longtime Fortnite players will likely remember for the rest of their gaming careers. However, because of its frequent item shop appearances, it’s last on the list.

fortnite soccer celebration
Via: Epic Games

4. Custom Superhero Skins

These skins have cause quite a stir with players and have disrupted the competitive scene on more than one occasion. The actual name of these skins is Boundless, and they are among the most customizable skins in the game. Many players bought them for their versatility at first, but they were quickly abused by competitive players.

Players could set their skins to have an all-black or all-white color scheme which would make them harder to see. These color combos were banned from the game, but players still found a way to make their skins harder to see. This lead to these sweaty skins being banned outright in all competitive play.

3. Anime Skins

This category of skins is pretty new since “anime” skins were introduced in Chapter 2 Season 5. A bundle of anime skins was also released during Season 6 which contains some of the sweatiest and most hated Fortnite Skins.

Chigusa, Megumi, and Yuki are part of the Cyber Infiltration bundle, and Lexa was given to players who reached a certain level of the Season 5 Battle Pass. For some reason, players hate these cell-shaded skins and would rather face off against Soccer Skins.

2. Surf Witch

When we asked Twitter which skins they hated the most, a large number of responses included Surf Witch. It seems this skin is hated because it’s used by “sweats” and also because of its lackluster design.

Surf Witch’s design isn’t much different from many of the other female skins. In fact, she has a very similar design to Haze, a preexisting skin. Many players think that Surf Witch is a cheap rip off of Haze, and their hate is derived from their similarities.

1. Dynamo

Dynamo is – by far – the most hated skin in Fortnite, at the moment. If you post a clip while wearing the Dynamo skin, you’re guaranteed to see the bulk of your replies consist of something along the lines of, “Dynamo, ew.”

We’re not exactly sure why Dynamo has its status as the most hated skin in Fortnite. Perhaps, it’s because Dynamo a very sweaty skin that isn’t difficult to get. Unlike Crystal and Aura, a lot of players think Dynamo is, simply, a bad skin on top of the fact that it’s incredibly sweaty.

Whatever the reason, wearing a Dynamo skin puts a target on your back. If you hit the island wearing Dynamo, then you better be as good as the skin suggests you are.

Epic Games

Does this list mean that you shouldn’t be wearing these skins in Fortnite? Absolutely not. In fact, a lot of players like playing the role of an antagonist in all sorts of games. It can be fun. Wear whatever you want – these are just some of the skins that are in the community’s crosshairs at the moment. We’re sure that it will change in the future. Wear what you want and have fun!

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How to get Fortnite Inflate-A-Bulls and how to use them



Fortnite Inflate-A-Bull

Epic Games have added another disguise to Fortnite Season 8 following the v17.10 update, and they’re called Inflate-A-Bulls.

If you ever wanted to tip-toe around the Fortnite world hidden in a cow costume, well, now is your chance!

On July 13, 2021, Epic posted a new update on their official live blog, confirming the Inflate-A-Bull has been added to the game.

Now, you’re going to need to know how to use it, and where to find them – because they look like a lot of fun.

How to use Fortnite Inflate-A-Bull

Fortnite Inflate-A-Bulls can be attached to your back and can be – shock horror – inflated to bounce or roll away from dangerous scenarios.

Essentially, they may save your life during close gunfights.

Quick tips!

Even if a player shoots your way and pops the inflatable, you will be protected from the damage.

Epic have also released a quick tip for players to follow as well, to get the most out of this strange disguise. They posted: “Tip: Rolling downhill with an Inflate-A-Bull is a LOT faster than just running downhill”.

Where to find Fortnite Inflate-A-Bull

These pesky disguises can be found in two ways: IO Chests and normal Chests.

Guarantee yourself one of these items at this location, where Rick Sanchez will wait for you.

However, there is one NPC on the Fortnite island selling these as well – Rick Sanchez. For those who don’t know, Sanchez can be found at the IO Base east of Weeping Woods (seen above).

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Fortnite LeBron James skin: Release date, price, trailer & more

A LeBron James Fortnite skin is reportedly being added to the game during the next update, and he will come with exclusive quests.



lebron james fortnite skin space jam

NBA superstar LeBron James has officially joined Fortnite’s ICON Series skin set, with two outfits coming to the Fortnite Item Shop.

During the first day of the Epic Games vs. Apple trial, multiple planned or scrapped Fortnite crossovers had been leaked. The crossover information came from a Quarterly Business Review document for Epic Games. Among these leaks were planned crossovers with Naruto, Metroid, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and more.

A crossover with LeBron James was also found in the court documents. The still image of LeBron James included the Icon Series logo. Players assumed a LeBron James Fortnite skin would be released during the Fortnite x NBA The Crossover event, but a set of customizable skins was released instead.

Epic Games put rumors to bed with an announcement on their official blog page on July 12, confirming the date NBA’s MVP would be arriving in the world-famous Battle Royale.

He joins a list of celebrities to now have their own character in-game, including Marshmello, Ninja, Loserfruit, and more.

When is Fortnite’s LeBron James skin coming out?

Here’s a first look at both of LeBron James’ Fortnite skins.

On July 14, 2021, LeBron James will be given his very own Fortnite Battle Royale skin, as part of the ICON Series.

How much is Fortnite’s LeBron James skin?

Fortnite ICON Series skins usually cost around 1,500 V-Bucks individually, with a price point of between 2,500 or 3,000 V-Bucks for the full bundle.

What does the King James Gear Bundle include?

  • The Lion Pickaxe 
  • Wingspan Glider
  • Quiet the competition with LeBron’s emphatic on-the-court celebration, The Silencer. 

A new trailer dropped as part of the announcement, too, as seen below.

Fortnite LeBron James skin trailer


A number of these details were revealed before Epic Games had the chance to do a full press release, too.

ShiinaBR on Twitter was the first to break the news stating: “LEBRON JAMES WILL BE THE NEXT ICON SERIES SKIN.”

HYPEX quote retweeted Shiina’s announcement with more information. They stated that the LeBron James Fortnite skin will come with an exclusive quest line called King’s Bling.

And now LeBron James will be added to the game right before the release of Space Jam: A New Legacy.

For basketball fans, this is an exciting addition to Fortnite. Not only can players equip their own custom basketball skins, but now they can play as one of the greatest to ever play the game of basketball. Let us know down below if you are excited about the collab and if you plan to purchase the LeBron James Fortnite skin.

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