One fan was able to glitch Fortnite’s in-game menu in order to see the entire list of challenge missions for Season X.

Fortnite Battle Royale’s tenth season, Season X, launched on August 1 which included the newly-released missions. Missions are Fortnite’s next iteration of challenges.


There are several missions players can complete as there are different sets based off of different themes. For instance, instead of completing weekly challenges, players will instead be sent off on different themed quests.

A post on the FortniteBR subreddit showed seven different mission-sets thanks to an in-game menu glitch.

Season X missions

According to DaelSonic, there will be seven different mission-sets for players to complete before the end of Season X, with their titles being named after previous Fortnite challenges like BlockBuster or Knights of Honor.

So a glitch let me see the names of all the future challenges in game (I am gonna put the name of each one in the comments) from r/FortNiteBR

Even though the image looks promising, Epic Games do not comment on leaks or rumors. The only way to confirm the leak is by checking Fortnite’s in-game news tracker along with keeping an eye out for information across social media.

Fortnite Season X missions

  1. Worlds Collide
  2. BlockBuster
  3. A Helping Hand
  4. Knights of Honor
  5. Hotdrop / Smash & Grab
  6. Boogie Down
  7. Space Race

With each mission-set having their own theme, its possible players will have to complete specific tasks in order to earn experience towards them. One fan believes that the “Boogie Down” challenge will have players using different emotes around the map.

With Season X still being relatively new, fans are not enjoying Fortnite’s tenth season mostly due to the recent addition of BRUTE mech vehicles.

It seems like Epic Games has a plan to nerf the weaponized vehicle, so players should hang tight for the time being.

While you wait for the next Fortnite update, why not hop in-game and attempt to complete some missions?