Fortnite players have been experienced a glitch that can be very tilting.

While it must surely be frustrating, the glitch is actually a literal tilt to the map.

Reddit user InternetInfantry posted a clip of his gameplay with the map at about a 30-degree angle from normal.

The comments had people saying they have also experienced this glitch but the cause seemed to range from the shadow stones to crashing on a Quadcrasher.

My Fortnite is all tilted from FortNiteBR

Besides people echoing their own experiences with the glitch, plenty of solid jokes came from the comments.

“Guess you gotta call it Straight Towers now,” said the top comment and another said, “He’s just in Oceania servers, obviously.”

While he actually is playing in Oceania, the real cause is apparently a glitch caused by flying through the air.

Both the Quadcrasher and Shadow Stones allow you to gain extra height while staying at a high speed.

The glitch also appears to be limited to the LTM and affects players after they die and revive when the death came on a Quadcrasher.

The OP, however, did not die to cause the glitch, just canceled the shadow stone as he was hitting the ground. 

Epic may come out with a hotfix, or, if the glitch is contained to the LTM, wait until the problem fixes itself on rotation. 

Has this glitch happened to you? Let us know what caused it in the comments below:

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