There are now two ways to avoid taking fall damage in Fortnite. One player recently revealed a new fall damage glitch.

For those who don’t know, Nickmercs recently stumbled upon a Fortnite fall damage glitch that allowed him to avoid taking any damage after trying to kill himself.


The streamer was playing a solo game, waiting for his scrimmage to be ready. When it was, Nick built a sky-ramp with the intention of killing himself and joining his team. When he jumped off, though, nothing happened.

The reason Nick didn’t die had something to do with the bush through which he ran. When you run through a bush in Fortnite, it allows you to avoid fall damage as long as you don’t jump.

To the best of my knowledge, this glitch is still in the game at the time of this writing. Another player has discovered a second glitch, though, that allows you to avoid fall damage more consistently.

This strategy takes a bit more setup than the first. You have to hit a zipline, jump off, and land in the water. You’ll once again be able to avoid fall damage if you don’t jump.

Reddit user u/fumbelzs posted a video tutorial of the method. This one isn’t as practical as the bush method, but it also seems unlikely to be patched.

The more steps in a glitch, the less likely it is for Epic to address it. Who knows; this one might save your life someday.

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