Big Brother may have been listening in on your Fortnite conversations.

Fortnite players were exposed to hackers who had the option to control your accounts and listen to your in-game chat, according to Check Point Software Technologies, a cybersecurity firm.

If you were a Fortnite player in November 2018 then you were potentially exposed to this leak that has since been fixed, as confirmed by Variety.

“We were made aware of the vulnerabilities and they were soon addressed,” an Epic Games spokesperson told Variety. “We thank Check Point for bringing this to our attention. As always, we encourage players to protect their accounts by not re-using passwords and using strong passwords, and not sharing account information with others.”

To become a victim of this attack you would have needed to click on a suspect link, one that was designed to look like it came from Epic Games.

If clicked on, players could potentially have had their Fortnite authentication token stripped from them without the need to enter any login information.

From there, the hacker would be able to have access to your credit card information and have the ability to listen to your in-game chat while you’re in a game.

Luckily, Epic Games say it has solved this issue so there’s nothing to worry about on that end as of now.

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