Some players have noticed an inconsistency when switching from aiming with an AR to aiming with a sniper.

While the AR’s crosshairs are on the head of an opponent, switching to a sniper moves them slightly to the left.

The question is: Is this is a bug or an intended game mechanic?

The possible issue was first posted by Reddit user Luuu90 who seemed very adamant that they thought this was a BUG.

BUG: when scoping in with a sniper your crosshair is off centered!!! from FortNiteBR

Other commenters were not as sure and think that Epic may have designed the aiming to work like that for a couple different reasons.

The first and more obvious reason is that it prevents people from quickscoping as effectively. By having to readjust just a little bit the overpowered strategy that was so popular in Call of Duty is incredibly difficult to pull off in Fortnite.

Another reason is that it helps prevent players from running a double-pump-esq strategy with Heavy Snipers.

“More importantly, it keeps people from quick switching between 2 heavy snipers. Break the wall with the first, and kill with the second. All without having to aim,” said RedZaturn in the comments.

“At least that’s how the game used to work before people started abusing that mechanic in the last sniper shootout mode. Then they added the inaccuracy when scoping in.”

While I couldn’t find confirmation in the patch notes for that last statement, the point they are making is valid. RedZaturn’s comment has nine upvotes while the post itself has 14,000, and it’s possible the former is the one who is correct.

We will see if Epic responds and gives a definitive answer, but I’m not so quick to call this issue a bug.

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