Many games feature ‘new player experiences’ which teach the newcomers about the game’s core mechanics, its lore, and other aspects of the game world. Fortnite could really use such an experience.

As Fortnite develops more and more, the inherent mechanics of the game are better understoof by a wider base of players. This means that the skill gap between newcomers and existing players is quickly becoming hard to manage.

A ‘new player experience’ could be just the thing needed to create a smooth path from noob to passable player. One community member’s Reddit concept puts it all into a clean format.

New Player Experience Concept

For those that haven’t experience a ‘new player experience’, we’ll explain what we mean by this.

Many games include tutorials for players to learn the basics of games. Multiplayer titles generally require more than just a short intro mission. The solution that many devs have gathered around is a gradual new player path for learning the game’s mechanics.

Fortnite is completely missing such a feature and it really shows. We’ve all seen them. The ‘potatoes’ that walk around aimlessly without a clue about building, shooting, looting, or any of the basics. Not everyone has a group of friends to help them out…which means Epic should be that friend.

Reddit user ‘Kitteh6660’ decided to create a conceptual image of what something like this could be in Fortnite.

New Player Experience Improvements: Choose a default skin! Recruit Challenges, a set of challenges for new players to do to get the handle of the game. from r/FortNiteBR

The game would open up immediately with a choice of a skin from among the defaults. Some of these have been released as Item Shop ‘Uncommons’, but players who bought them could easily be refunded some V-Bucks.

This would introduce them to skins of the game right off the bat.

Then, players will be greeted with a list of prelimanary challenges that focus around guiding players to experiment with game mechanics. The list includes stuff like harvesting mats, building, and visiting different Named Locations.

This might intimidate new players…

Each challenge also has a small hint next to it to help the player out.

The new player experience could help lift some of the really bad starters out of their hole of suffering. Who has fun in a game where they can’t understand what is going on?

Many of you may have the impulse to say ‘Why not just watch a stream/video?,” but the fact of the matter is that many people do not want to go out of game to learn. It’s much more intuitive and worthwhile to have learning experience be given directly through the game.

What do you think of this idea? Do you think it would make an significant impact to the skill gap or would ‘bad players’ just never learn? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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