Players who have been playing consistently during Season 7 have almost certainly experienced a bug with the ziplines. 

Still, most bugs aren’t as crazy as this one.

Reddit user Cheafy275 was in a tight spot and used a Rift-to-go to get out of it.

Unfortunately, they were under the zipline when they tried to use the item and they ended up flying out into the sea.

Rift to go glitch sends you out of the map. from FortNiteBR

Luckily this glitch happened to them in the very early stages of a new game and both players are already on their last legs. If this had come at the end of the game, they would have to hire a contractor to fix that much tilt.

As you can see from the glitch above, the start of the zipline is directly above the player when they use the rift.

The ends of the lines are the glitchiest parts, but the middle has had its share of poor experiences for players as well.

This bug may not be a huge reoccurring issue for players, depending on how close they have to be to the zipline to cause it.

If the bug affects any player using a rift under any section of the line, even with a lot of distance between them, it could cause a lot of problems. If not, it may be isolated to this very specific situation.

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