Momma MAK is a mom, middle school teacher, and an avid Fortnite player. 

Her kids, and the ones she teaches in middle school, got her into the game and now have fun playing her creations in Fortnite Creative.

Her most recent creation is a racetrack set in a tropical holiday vacation spot.

The racetrack uses golf carts or ATVs and features speed boosts, bouncers and chillers around it.

Just because she is a teacher and a mom, doesn’t mean she kiddy-proofed her racetrack.

“You will die a couple times,” she says as she gives a tour of her island in the video below:

UPDATE – my Paradise Isle has a code! Use code 7489-2231-7837 if you’d like to tackle an AWESOME racetrack, have a maze or full island battle, or just explore! Feedback is welcome. from FortniteCreative

“[My first game of Fortnite] I was like a wobbly toddler trying to compete against adults,” Momma MAK told me over Reddit DM. “Once I developed other skills besides dying and really started understanding & enjoying the game, I engaged in conversation with students since I now knew what they were talking about.”

I’m sure it must have been crazy for her middle school students to find their teacher was now playing their favorite game. They soon took her under their wing and began teaching her the ropes.

“They were absolutely gobsmacked when they found out I was playing Fortnite, and I think the rest of the kids at the school heard about it within 2 periods. Many didn’t believe me until they friended me in Fortnite and we played games together,” she continued. “They actually helped me learn how to build and shoot moving targets with some semblance of accuracy by bringing me into Fortnite Playground. I don’t know whether they felt bad for me and my lack of skill or were tired of me being the dead weight on squad teams, but I truly appreciated it!”

Be careful though, if you friend your teacher she may call you out when you’re up too late on a school night.

You can explore her creation with the island code 7489-2231-7837.

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