Patch v5.30 went live on Wednesday, shortly after a Cube-related event was discovered in the files. Since then, Lightning emitted from the Rift has began to strike Cacti near Paradise Palms. Now, with all of the Cacti gone, a large purple Cube has spawned in the map, causing the Rift in the sky to disappear.

Cube Spawn

Earlier today 3 minutes of audio used for this Cube event was discovered in the files. However, we do not have an idea of what is to come.

Attempting to destroy the Cube

Players have unsuccessfully attempted to destroy the Cube with explosives and bullets. Unfortunately, this will harm and even kill the player with a message in the kill feed saying {Player} got too close to {white box}. The white box flickers with alien-like glyphs. What these glyphs translate to is currently unknown.


While near the Cube, players see a flash of glyphs on their screen. These glyphs are also present on the Cube itself. Standing near the Cube grants the player with 1 Shield per second.

Using the Cube to your advantage

Players are able to utilize the Cube to their advantage to kill other players. The Cube is bouncy, if a player bounces on top and causes the Cube to react to damage, they are able to zap other players away.