Some players are reporting seeing an extremely thick fog in Replay Mode, though this is not live in-game for all players at the time of writing.

via FortTory

At the time of writing Fortnite’s Ice Storm Live Event is only hours away, as indicated by the in-game countdown at the Ice Sphere in Polar Peak.

It appears that the pre-show has already began as fog has began to roll into the Fortnite map. While not extremely obvious, visibility is noticeably changed due to this.

Fog is a type of low-lying cloud which is typically formed via moisture in the air. This is a direct effect of the incoming Ice Storm, as was the case with the Season 7 Iceberg.

Players on the /r/FortniteBR subreddit first pointed this out, some even claiming that it was an issue with the game or their display, however that does not seem to be the case.

The fog effects are most visible with the visual quality settings on epic. Those who turn off Post Processing and Shadows may not see the fog at all.

Despite the insignificant change meant to signify the coming Ice Storm, some players are upset as it impairs visibility and gives enemies an advantage in specific situations…

Yeah this is awesome for a loading screen.

It’s fuckin stupid to play against when you have a shit angle into the sun/foggy air.

What are your thoughts on the fog, was this an intended effect put in place by Epic Games to build hype event?

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