Scanning area for targets… A.I.M. has arrived in Fortnite!

Season 6 Week 7 has just gone live and with it the Legendary A.I.M. Skin has landed via parachute at Flush Factory. The change to the map signifies that A.I.M. is now available for players who have completed 7 week’s worth of Season 6 Challenges.

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The parachute bares the same symbols which can be found on the shoulders of the Hunting Party’s A.I.M. skin. Parachute is likely the method of transport A.I.M. used to enter the Fortnite map, it is unknown whether Epic will expand on this storyline.


Scanning area for targets…

To solidify this theory, the filename of the parachutes assets confirm this as they are named Robo_Chute/Textures/T_Robo_Chute_D. At the time of writing it is unknown if the parachute was simply placed in Flush Factory or if a mini in-game event took place.

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Interestingly enough, a few players have reported hearing sounds in the air every 30 minutes during the hours leading up to the release of the Season 6 Week 7 Challenges. One player even managed to record footage which showcases the audio assets that were previously believed to be an aerial vehicle coming to the game.

If this is to believed, the theory and evidence toward an aerial vehicle coming to Fortnite seem to be debunked. An official announcement has yet to be made on either of these occurrences, stay tuned to FortniteINTEL for more information.

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