Newly discovered information points to the A.I.M.’s Rare A.X.E. Pickaxe only being available in the Fortnite Item Shop.

The Hunting Party Skin became available alongside the 7th Week of Season 6 Challenges. Many players were left wondering where the leaked A.X.E. Pickaxe is at as it seems to be a part of the A.I.M. set.


Perfectly programmed pick.

Unfortunately, new information suggests that the A.X.E. may only be available in the Item Shop. Players have discovered strings in the game’s memory which indicate this, Cosmetics.Source.ItemShop appears alongside other data for the Pickaxe.

via ShiinaBR

Many players seem upset by this decision as the A.X.E. is styled after the A.I.M. Skin which can be unlocked simply be finishing 7 Week’s worth of Challenges. This is surely a downer for the completionists who try to collect all Items that can be earned without paying money.

The A.I.M. Cosmetic Set includes the Legendary A.I.M. Skin and Legendary E.L.I.M. Back Bling which are earned via the Hunting Party Challenges, as expected.


Scanning area for targets…


Increment elimination count. Reactive: Displays your number of eliminations in the match.

Epic Games has yet to release a statement regarding this situation as the A.X.E. has yet to be officially revealed. It’s possible this information is simply wrong and players will be rewarded with the A.X.E. at a future time.

What are your thoughts on this – Are you upset that real money will be required to complete the A.I.M. Set, or being upset simply an over-reaction?

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