Living up to its name, Mysterious Markets holds a secret underground passageway. 

The passageway is only accessible through small gaps in corners of the wall and by breaking down stairs.

This underground area is a great little hideout to heal up or surprise your opponents.

Reddit user MiloIsDog took the community on a tour of the secret location.

If you break some of these floors at the new block location you get access to some passage ways from FortNiteBR

Some players didn’t like their secret being exposed, but this location will still surprise many.

The one major downfall is that by destroying the stairs to gain entry, the opening of it becomes quite obvious.

One solution could be to rebuild the stairs using brick to close off the location. The two bricks wouldn’t like identical, but they would be pretty close.

If someone else approached the stairs, a quick edit would catch them entirely off guard.

The space inside the passageway itself forces players to crouch so it’s probably not the best place to get into an actual close quarter combat situation.

If a final circle ever falls on The Block, this should be a top priority as controlling this passage could give you a lot of mobility and the element of surprise.

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